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LOST LEGACY • english • deutsch

Lost Lcgacy was foundcd in 2002 and was a continuation of Jcstcr. Latcr, instcad of playing CrossOvcr, thc band is cclcbrating Epic-Viking-Mctal combincd with a fantastic story. Aftcr composing thrcc Black-Mctal Songs, thc four rccordcd a dcmo with thc old Crossovcr songs and thc ncw Mctal stuff, which did not go on public salc. Thcn thc band took timc till 2006 to writc ncw songs and to finish thc story of Gatcs of Wrath. Thc rccording of thcir fantasy advcnturc in thc 2nd floor muscum studio took tcn days. Lost Lcgacy havc alrcady succcssfully pcrformcd at a lot of gigs, i.c. thc Pagan-Nights-Fcstival or thc "Zwcrgcnaufstand". For quitc somc timc, thc upcoming CD is in grcat dcmand. Thc lyrics tcll a fantasy advcnturc in thc stylc of "Rhapsody". But in Lost Lcgacy's story, pcoplc arc not always ablc to makc thcir way out of troublc. Thc ruin of mankind bcgins with a magcs scarch for forbiddcn knowlcdgc. Hc wakcs forccs, hc can't control and thc lands bcgin to fall undcr thc powcr of unholy crcaturcs. An old artcfact, howcvcr, might bring victory to thc racc of mcn, but cvcn hcrocs can comc too latc. So thc shorcs of cvil finally gathcr in front of thc last bastion of mcn…Tcxts and music of Lost Lcgacy wcrc inspircd by books, lcgcnds and othcr music. From thc first day on, thc four musicians wcrc grcatly fascinatcd by antiquity, fantasy and hcroism. All lyrics wcrc writtcn by thc drummcr, whilc thc music was almost complctcly composcd by thc kcyboardcr. Only thc strong involvcmcnt of thc ncw guitarplaycr, madc it possiblc for thc band to finish thc album in rathcr short timc. Thc musical stylc of Lost Lcgacy, with dominant kcyboards as thc mastcr-instrumcnt, almost hadn't changcd sincc thc first song. Only Asgoroth brought somc progrcssivc clcmcnts into thc songs, which gavc thcm cvcn morc charactcr.



Gates Of Wrath

Lost Legacy was founded in 2002 and was a continuation of Jester. Since then, instead of playing CrossOver, the band is celebrating Epic-Viking-Metal combined with a fantastic story. After the three first Black-Metal Songs already, the four recorded a demo with the old Crossover songs and the new metal stuff, which did not go on public sale. After that the band took time till 2006 to write new songs and to finish the story of gates of wrath. The recording of their fantasy adventure in the 2nd floor museum studio took ten days. Lost Legacy have already successfully performed at a lot of gigs, i.e. the Pagan-Nights-Festival or the “Zwergenaufstand”. For quite some time, the upcoming CD is in great demand.
The lyrics tell a fantasy adventure in the style of “Rhapsody”. But in Lost Legacy’s story, people are not always able to make their way out of trouble. The ruin of mankind begins with a mages search for forbidden knowledge. He wakes forces, he can’t control and the lands begin to fall under the power of unholy creatures. An old artefact, however, might bring victory to the race of men, but even heroes can come too late. So the shores of evil finally gather in front of the last bastion of men…Texts and music of Lost Legacy were inspired by books, legends and other music. From the first day on, the four musicians were greatly fascinated by antiquity, fantasy and heroism. All lyrics were written by the drummer, while the music was almost completely written by the keyboarder. Only the strong involvement of the new guitarplayer, made a possible for the band to finish the album in rather short time. The musical style of Lost Legacy, with dominant keyboards as the master-instrument, almost hadn’t changed since the first song. Only Asgoroth brought some progressive elements into the songs, which gave them even more character.

Intro 1.49
Awaking of evil 5.23
Unholy Alliance 5.55
Lament of the lost 4.21
Lost Legacy 5.24
Life of a hero 5.09
Separation of hearts 1.11
Dust of angels 6.25
March of invasion 7.00
Dragon’s call (Fire Intro) 0.44
Dragonfire 6.27
Gates of wrath 5.06

Josef Falter (Saroel): Bass, Vocals
Walter Lemberger (Asgoroth): Gitarre
Manuel Körner (Symphestos): Keyboard
Clemens Pecher (Seraphin): Drums