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Malnàtt was established in the year 1999 in Italy, first of all yet as a Thrash Metal-act. From the beginning on should replace an in this profession quiet unusual instrument the usual lead-guitar: an accordion. 2001 Malnàtt changed its musical face on massive manner and formed its music henceforth as extreme Epic Metal. Two years later seems then after a time of busy rehearsing and composing the finale style of this fixed on quality horde was found: Epic Black Metal with extremely attractive Folk-melodies - with dramatic keyboard creations as well as traditional instruments as the Tambourine and also Bodhran, the old Irish frame drum. Same time Malnàtt started to sing the lyrics of its songs in bolognese dialect. Its very important for Malnàtt to differ from other formations by its cynical and at the roots of its origin oriented attitude.. The lyrics revolve around ancient cultures and its often tragically histories, stupidity of wars, Pagan themes, Nihilism, depression, romantic world-views as well as social criticism, shown by various metaphors. "Happy Days" title is inspired by the homonymous dramatic work of Samuel Beckett. Music is influenced by Bathory,Windir and Amon Amarth. Epic Pagan Black Metal of the atmospheric, independent and exceptional class.



La Voce Dei Morti

„ La Voce Dei Morti “
Malnàtt was established in the year 1999 in Italy, first of all yet as a Thrash Metal-act. In the beginning of 2007 Malnatt had a great change in their line-up:
A new Keyboarder (Lavanaigra) and a second guitarist (Pastroz) both joined Malnatt directly from Malnatts official fan club. Malnatt decided to change their style: Malnatt left its folk side and all those classical keyboard parts behind and on the other side Malnatt was looking for another extreme sounds, with real and also synthetic instruments.
There is a more heterogeneous inspiration than ever before: Negura Bunget and Taake for their ability to join Black Metal with sick atmospheres. Also the latest Enslaved for their extreme psychedelic performance but also the latest Darkthrone for their combination of Rock`n`Roll arrogance with Black Metal. Last but not least Shining is really important with their depressing sounds and their lucky hand for sadness and many other influences from all kinds of good music.
Malnatt intends to be a sort of “leading thread” of these galore influences, maybe with some presumption.
And the result of all those musical ingredients is “La Voce Dei Morti” (The Voice of the Dead).
This title is not an accident…it is because all lyrics were written by the greatest dead poets.
The voice of the dead poets is still there…
As for the 2 previous albums, Malnatt has decided to record “La Voce Dei Morti” at the Fear Studios in Alfonsine (Ravenna. Italy) and so a professional work is probably guaranteed.

Fantasimi 7:36
I Felt A Funeral 4:48
Novembre 7:17
Penombre 5:03
Chi Sono? 3:41
Sono Una Creatura 4:33
E Come Potevamo Noi Cantare 4:21
Piangi Tu Che Hai...6:17
La Voce Dei Morti 2:15


Porz: Vocals
Canaja: Drums
Mat: Bass
Lerz: Guitar
Pastroz: Guitar
Lava Naigra: Keyboards



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