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Grim Ancient Metal is the name the three dark knights call their own very special style which can't be compared with any of the usual styles in the Metal scene - a fact that has already been confirmed by some certain reviewers with reference to the previous three releases of the band. In spite of the highly individual style of the horde its daring musicians have also managed it again with their new album to create a sound that's indeed different to that of their earlier productions.
Although the sick stuff can be related to Nerthus, everything sounds in an unexpected new manner, enveloped in obscurely strange and ominous tone colours. As Nerthus allways used to handle it since they began to create music in 1996, they also didn't inflict themselves with any conception for their fourth longplayer. All songs have been created just with the inspiration of their free black souls. Nerthus is standing for the fight against the stupid adherents of the capitalistic performance-oriented society and its destructive unscrupulous exploitation of all life. So everyone can imagine what their songs are about. The Metal-songs in which biting electric guitars - played by stringsadist Alex - express rage and hate are separated with some raised martial instrumentals created by keyboarder Clemens, that honour true values like glory and pride. In many passages of the songs the influence of Black Metal can be heared but it never sounds like the usual known stuff in this genre. Bloodthroat Mirko's variable expressive and very aggressive voice pushes the whole work to its ultimate intensity and gives a really evil shape to it. The lyrics impress with plainness - the messages are presented clearly intelligible in short pithy sentences. Like known from all the previous Nerthus releases each syllable harmonizes perfectly with the musics rhythm and so its a pure pleasure to read the lyrics while listening to the songs. The instrumentation for this new album is the same like used for the previous third opus. Once again jaw-harps have been used to give the whole work one more very special feature. Used in a discreet way this simple instruments which have a history of hundreds of years give the music a very special ancient charme. The use of choir parts in the Metal songs has been increased to give them one more martial note. With a total playing time of more than 50 very eventful minutes this longplayer does also justice to its name. Summing up the new Nerthus album could be roughly described with the following words: Grim Ancient Metal with a well dosed pinch of sick and evil melodics combined with various martial arrangements - conveys a very special dark strange and ominous mood!



Escape From Suction

1. In'troitus 00:53
2. Entrall Charm 05:44
3. Reflection 04:22
4. The whitish haze 05:38
5. Escape from suction 06:27
6. Lamentation 02:40
7. Georgeous ocean 04:27
8. Inhale the seclution 02:44
9. Scars in flesh 06:21
10. Autumnal tints 05:30
11. Crystallize the moment 04:53
12. Spiritoso 01:42
Spielzeit 51:21



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