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Again Riger claim the favour of the gods. The fourth attack Gjallar has emerged!
The title refers to the horn of Heimdall, the guard of gods, which gives warning especially right before an impending dread. When Gjallar is brought into action, for Asgard a war is imminent! And just as martial as the title suggests the follow up to Des Blutes Stimme forges ahead with pounding power. Without compromise Gjallar settles up with the hypocritical society of the past and present. The charge of the false belief of the guild of lies provokes Attack and Ironstorm.The german formation from Frankfurt(Oder) proves again that they truly deserve the decoration of playing German Heathen Metal and define this genre in their own genuine way. While Des Blutes Stimme related to this genre mainly from a lyrical-conceptual point of view, Gjallar adds to this the strong musical character. German Heathen Metal this way gets another musical determination, which includes an even broader variety than the past would have dared to demand. With united forces the rhythm- and melodic section prove their ability and variety of expression, drumbreaks, rhythm attacks and catchy guitarmelodies all fight for the listener's favour, last but not least they all underpin adequately the lyrical message of Gjallar which is forged ahead by an angry voice!






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