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With „Celestial Decay", Atritas from Basel present their third full-length album in that days, certainly their strongest, most mature and most individual opus so far. The symphonic elements are now appearing more subtly than ever, the speed has increased, the songs are more venomous, more direct, sometimes massive and brutal, then again hypnotic and psychotic, and the downsizing of the line-up - there's no fix keyboarder part of the band anymore and the drummer has been replaced - has given the band obviously freshness enthusiasm and vitality. It's not only the possessed vocals or the ambitious guitar shredding that makes the development apparent, but also and most of all the compositions' depth and compactness, the hymns include the fastest blastings at one side and the most majestic, mightiest and intensive passages in the history of Atritas on the other side. While some songs show a lot of Thrash-Metal-elements, others are dominated by pure Black Metal-speed. Atritas have changed their musical face, but fans will still recognize the core of the Swiss horde.
Founded in 1997 by Gier (vocals) and Ork (drums), the band has been a part of extreme Metal for over a decade. On the first demos, the musical tenor used to be melodic-symphonic Black Metal in its classic way, while the third demo "Dunkler Reigen" was the most chaotic record of the Swiss. On the fourth demo "In Regressu Diaboli", one could discover a slight modification in sound, which became more and more manifest on the albums "Where Witches Burnt" and "Medium Antogpd". "Celestial Decay" now, the first album with the new and definitive Atritas-line-up, which deals - to summarize - with the loss of religious dependence of the human being and the turn to another, individual divinity through awareness, is the climax for the present considering the creative producing of the band.
„Celestial Decay" was produced once again at the Iguana Studios in Freiburg by Christoph Brandes (Unlight, Bitterness, Finsterforst, Necrophagist), and the final cut, the mastering, was done by Victor Bullok (Dark Fortress) at Woodshed Studio Germany.



Medium Antigod

Since 1997, the name Atritas stands for independent symphonic Black Metal in the vein of the 90s, where the roots of the band are. The band was founded by Gier (vocals and keyboard) and drummer Ork, completed was the first line-up by guitarist Forcas, bassist Erguz and Lamia. In december of the same year, the first songs were recorded und released under the banner “Pray Of Doom”. The band was still searching for their own style, and some violins were included in the sound, played by Lamia. In the beginning of 1998, Swart followed the horde as second guitarist, and the first concerts were played. The violin was completely replaced by the keyboard, and Erguz had to leave the band. Without bassist, the second, very more mature demo was produced by Stefan Reinhard. “Rising Of Eternal Dusk” shows a mystic, dark atmosphere with a lot of epic-majestic keyboards and for the first time the characteristic lead guitars, and the extreme, high screaming vocals are much more present than on the debut. The band was also active on the live-front and shared the stage with Darkmoon, Morgart, Amon, Zarathustra (and others), and the first gigs in Germany took place. In the beginning of 2000, a new bassman was found in Ketz, but the band separated with Lamia, who was replaced by Hysteria. A CD was recorded in the rehearsal room, but never released. The focus was on the songwriting, so no CD was releaed until 2001. But before, Forcas had to leave the band due to lack of motivation. He was replaced by Baal, who produced the third demo “Dunkler Reigen”. Without doubt, this is the roughest work of Atritas, the keyboards are more subtile, blasts dominate and the guitars are responsible for most of the melodies now. The lyrics are very blasphemic, and the vocals even extremer than before. Schattenreich, Art Of Abyssus and Censored are just a few names with which Atritas shared the stage. In July 2002, the band went again in the studio of Stephan Reinhard, and within five days, “In Regressu Diaboli” was recorded, which is the consequent next step. The powerful production, which shows every details, fits very well, the proportions between guitars and keyboards are finally in balance, and the song “Das Tier” is kind of a little classic. 2003 was again a year of songwriting – a CD recorded in January with six songs never discovered the light of day – and the band decided to invest more time and average in the first full album and to record under professional terms. Before, concerts with Unlight, Aura Noir, Enigmatik, Irmingot and Bloody Blasphemy were played. Finally, in october and november 2004, “Where Witches Burnt” was recorded, and the album was the biggest step so far. The production is major, with the little part of snot, the songs are absolutely mature, the keyboad more variable than before, opulent and sometimes even dramatic, and the whole album has a very special aura. The technical advances on the strings (the cold, emotional melodies are totally catching) and drums are not to overhear. Logically, the reviews were very positive, so for example in the Legacy, Arising Realm, Schwermetall and Earshot. In autumn, a new bassist was found with P. Magick, who replaced Ketz, who left the band after the recording sessions of “Where Witches Burnt”. Concerts with Aeba, Sanguis and Punish (and others) were played. Atritas decided to re-release “Where Witches Burnt”. After numerous successful concerts – three times in the Z7 in Pratteln (Battle Of Metal, X-Mas-Festivals – with Hypocrisy, Naglfar, Exodus and Wintersun -, Metal Dayz – with Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Nevermore a.o.), and a long break, the band went again to the Iguana Studios to record the successor of “Where Witches Burnt” with the title “Medium Antigod”. Afterwards, Atritas separated with keyboarder Hysteria and drummer Ork, who was replaced by Azrael (Totenwinter). In CCP Records, the band finally found a serious label, through which the new album, again more mature and indepented, which contains nine hymns of symphonic Black Metal, will be released on 26.october 07



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